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Corbett Auctions & Appraisals Inc., work with numerous storage companies in the liquidation of delinquent or abandoned units and vehicles. We can provide professional auctioneers to handle the actual auction only, or manage the entire live auction from auctioning, clerking, and cashiering.

The sellers we work for see the value a professional auctioneer adds through the competitive chant and ability to connect with the crowd. Live auctions are expedited quickly. Sealed bids eliminate the opportunity for open competition and take time to manage and process. Liability is decreased for the owners of the facility as everyone has a fair and equal opportunity to buy competitively. The buyers enjoy our style of selling and trust our company to handle the auction fairly and professionally.

All state and federal laws regulating documentation and notice of sale requirements must be met by the storage company and kept on record.

Our website marketing, and ability to contact hundreds of buyers through our preferred email client list, ensures success with the more limited marketing budgets associated with storage auctions.

Many companies contract with us a year at a time to schedule regular auctions, to ensure that their facilities are run for optimal performance.

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